School Profile

St Bernadette’s Primary School is a Catholic school under the pastoral care of the Paulist Missionaries. It is located in North Sunshine in the west of Melbourne. Our school motto ‘God Loves Us, Let Us Love God’ speaks of the school community commitment to one another and to living as Christians.

The students of St Bernadette’s come from the local parish and community. We pride ourselves on our multicultural diversity and we encourage respect and acceptance of all.

Our specialist programs – Music, Art, Physical Education and Robotics complement and enhance our core curriculum programs of English, Mathematics and Religious Education. Technologies both design and digital are fully integrated into the learning and teaching program across all curriculum and levels from Prep to Year 6. The Language other than English (LOTE) program is Italian.  This learning and teaching program is across the Year 2 to Year 6 levels.

As a school, we are focused and committed to developing our family-school partnerships in order to increase engagement in learning and to improve learning outcomes for the children of St. Bernadette’s.