At St Bernadette’s Primary School, we believe English is the foundation of all learning. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are taught in line with the Victorian Curriculum and embedded within the Catholic Education Melbourne’s, Horizons of Hope framework.

At St Bernadette’s we believe:

  • ongoing assessment and monitoring of students’ progress is essential to inform future learning and teaching
  • explicit teaching builds on students’ strengths and targets the developmental needs of individual students
  • purposeful, targeted learning tasks are integral to the engagement of learners
  • a variety of multimodal texts, resources and experiences enhance teaching and the students’ learning of literacy.

In the Junior years (Prep to 2) our Literacy program is a two-hour Literacy block taught daily: one hour for the teaching and learning of Reading and the other hour for the teaching and learning of Writing. Each hour also has a specific Oral Language focus. The Middle and Senior years also spend ten hours a week teaching Literacy. Reading, Writing and Oral Language skills are integrated with Inquiry units and other curriculum areas.

Educational Intervention

Our Reading Recovery Program for students in Year 1 provides an intensive program of one-to-one teaching in literacy skills. This program is designed to help support our students to accelerate their learning to a level appropriate to their age.  Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) program is also provided in Years 1 to 6 to support students further in Reading and Writing.

Victorian Curriculum

St. Bernadette’s Learning and Teaching programs are guided by the Victorian Curriculum.

You can access the English Curriculum by clicking on the following link: