School History

The school was founded in 1956 with Father Leonard Egan as the first parish priest of St Bernadette’s. The beginning enrolment was 241 students from Prep to Year 3. In September several Augustinian Sisters, Servants of Jesus and Mary came from Malta to lead the school and provide some staff. The Augustinian Sisters continue to be active in both the school and parish community.

So began the history of Catholic Education in Sunshine North.

Over the years the enrolment has fluctuated to meet the needs of the local families and the facilities have been built as the need arose and the money was saved. In the early days the school became the church on weekends! Refurbishing and upgrading buildings has been a key part of the story and we presently have a new Master Plan for St Bernadette’s Buildings and Grounds as we strive to honour and build on the great work done every year since 1956.