School Organisation

There are presently 350 students and 50 staff, including class teachers, specialist teachers, learning and teaching leaders, learning and teaching classroom assistants, administration staff and support staff. There are fourteen classes – two at each level from Prep to 6.

The facilities include fourteen learning areas, Pioneers Multi-purpose Hall, Evodia Discovery Centre and specialist teaching areas . The current specialist areas are Physical Education, Music, Art, Technology, and Reading Recovery.

2020 Staff

Principal Joanne Webster
Deputy Principal Jacqueline Mc Grath
Student Diversity Leader & Co Teacher Daniela Torcaso
Religious Education Coordinator Amanda Browne
Student Wellbeing Leader Renee Cassar
Literacy Leader & Co Teacher Sean Walshe
Mathematics Leader P – 2, ICT Leader & Co Teacher Heidi Chapman-Foehn
Mathematics Leader 3 – 6 & Co Teacher Karen Costabile
Family Engagement & Learning Leader Eliza Katz
Arts Leader, Strategic Support, Music & Reading Recovery Frederik Zeinstra
Classroom Teachers
Prep G
Prep S
Year 1H
Year 1T
Year 2C
Year 2P
Year 3E
Year 3S
Year 4P
Year 4S
Year 5C
Year 5K
Year 6H
Year 6R
Daniella Granata
Melissa Szulik
Monica Hughes
Cecilia Tran
Michelle Camenzuli
Daniel Powell
Stephanie Elam                                                Lynette Sciberras
Holly Phillips
Emma Scerri
Elise Casamento
Eliza Katz
Rebecca Hunter                                                          James Reitmaier
Digital Technologies / Robotics Christine Roberts
Physical Education Ian Miller
Strategic Literacy Support Nicky Harley
Strategic Learning & Teaching Leonie McCarthy
Visual Art Joanne Butler
Reading Recovery Julie Whatman
 Italian Teachers Federica Falco & Jane Gilmartin
Community Kitchen Jane Gilmartin
Cluster Engagement Learning Leader Gill Baxter
Evodia Discovery Centre Manager Bernadette Fenech
EDC Assistant and Parent Liaison Thi Phan
Learning Assistants Mary Balzan
Marita Debattista
Rachel Phelan
Rosemary Romeo
Alexandra Rossi
Jo Hennessy
Cherie Saad
Mary Semaan
Amanda Nguyen
 Administration Manager Kerrie-Ann Macuz
Administration Assistants Sandra Attard Borg
Errica Mastrilli
Joanne Mc Nabb
Canteen Manager Marita Debattista
Canteen Assistant  Rachel Gilmore
Maintenance  Joesph Tabone