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Yr 5 & Prep – How can we ask questions? Year 5's helped their prep buddies in Inquiry today who have been working hard at learning how to ask questions. The preps asked their buddies questions about their favourite things and then completed their sentences together. As always, the grade 5's did an incredible job at being patient and encouraging. We finished our learning so efficiently we even had time to read some stories together. What fantastic role models we have! Learning Link: Ask your child about what they learnt from their preps today.
Yr 6 – Creative Expression in Religion Today the Year 6s used the Art Studio to creatively represent their knowledge of the season of Lent. We used a variety of modes to demonstrate our understanding of the 3 Lenten Practices and how they support us to strengthen relationships. Ask your child what they created and how it symbolises Lent.
“Seussical Jnr” – December Production 2019 This week the school received the package of scripts and resources for our Production “Seussical Jnr” in December.  Today the Year 4, 5 and 6 students were given the audition application for main characters if they’d like to try out. This form is due back next week and auditions will begin next term. We look forward to a rewarding learning experience for all over the coming months creating our own masterpiece. An exciting time ahead.
“NO WAY TO BULLYING!” Today the community of St Bernadette's took a stand to say "NO WAY TO BULLYING!" All members of the community made a pledge for how they will take a stand against bullying. We wore orange and came together as a community to share our pledges.
Yr 5 & 6 Camp 2019 We enjoyed Bush Cooking, Archery, Team Building, Flying Fox, Giant Swing and Low Ropes.  
Yr 1 – How can we use artefacts to compare the past and present? Today, 1H used a Venn diagram to compare an old fashioned iron with a modern iron.
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