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Yr 6 Confirmation Retreat Day 2nd August
Yr 3 – 6 Compete in Australian Maths Competition 1st August
Yr 1 & 2 Paper Planes Today the year 1/2 students participate completed an investigation on how you can make the best paper plane the flies the furthest. We looked at the design of the plane and tested them outside. We used our knowledge of length to measure the distance. Learning at home: who can make the best paper plane at home that flies the furthest?
Preps and their Buddies The year 5 students today are working with their buddies in Preps. They have engaged in some amazing learning. They have been teaching the Preps some new words and sentences in Italian. Look at all these amazing examples! Ask your child to tell you what they did today!    
Preps Celebrate 100 Days of School 30th July
Grandparents Mass & Morning Tea 26th July
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