At St. Bernadette’s the students learn Italian from Year 2 to Year 6. In Year 2, the students learn the language for thirty minutes each week, from Year 3 they participate in two thirty minute sessions twice a week. The school recognises the importance of learning an additional language and therefore Italian plays an important role within the school community.

Italian at St. Bernadette’s is planned and assessed in accordance to the Victorian Curriculum F-10.

Our Italian teacher engages the students in the learning of the Italian language and culture using an Inquiry approach and aligns her planning with the Faith Life Inquiries being studied with the classroom teachers.

The students are encouraged to use the language in a purposeful way to communicate to each others and to their teachers.  During their lessons, the students develop their listening and speaking skills as well as focussing on reading and writing. The Italian classes are an exciting time for the students that enjoy broadening their understanding of the world around them by exploring their wonderings about Italy, its people and its language.