Student Wellbeing

Student resilience and wellbeing are fundamental for both academic and social development. Confident, happy, resilient students who are able to establish meaningful relationships, perform better academically.

Student wellbeing is best achieved when students feel safe and connected to an inclusive school community, one that develops not only academic growth, but social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth as well. 

At St Bernadette’s we believe in nurturing professional relationships within the community, which are safe, respectful and supportive, and which help students to reach their full potential. Our school is focused on building individual and collective wellbeing through a climate of care and positivity.

We recognise that the wellbeing of our students is supported by:

  • Inclusion
  • Connectedness
  • Positive relationships between students, families and staff
  • Positive learning environments
  • Student Engagement
  • A prevention to intervention model for the whole school community

Our philosophy and approach to wellbeing can be found in our Building Relationships Policy 2020

SBCPS MACS Child Friendly edition of our Child Safety Policy 2018

SBCPS MACS Child Friendly Edition of our Child Safe Policy – Co Written by Yr 6 Leaders June 2018

SBCPS MACS Child Safety Code of Conduct 2021

SBCPS MACS Child Safety Policy 2021

SBCPS MACS Student Code of Conduct – Co written in 2018 by Yr 6 Student Leaders, reviewed & redrafted by 2021 Yr 6 Student Leaders


Anti-bullying Policy 2020

Child Protection – Reporting Obligations 2020

Complaints and Grievance Policy 2018

Volunteer Duty Statement 2020