School Community

St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School recognises and values families as their children’s first teachers, who positively influence children’s learning and development throughout their entire schooling and beyond. We seek to foster collaborative relationships between staff, students, families, parish and the wider community. We believe that effective partnerships are based on mutual trust, respect, and a shared responsibility for the education of the children at our school.

St. Bernadette’s seeks to foster collaborative relationships with families through:

  • Principal’s Book Club – a family story time led by the Principal
  • Tea Time Tuesday- an opportunity for families to meet and share a cup of tea or coffee before school pick up
  • Parents in Partnership group (PiP)
  • A range of yearly social events, for example, Family Night, Mother’s Day breakfast, Father’s Day breakfast or Grandparents Day Morning Tea

St. Bernadette’s seeks to engage families in their children’s learning through:

  • Our ‘Learning at Home’ (Nov 2022) policy, which recognises the importance of both formal and informal learning and encourages two-way communication between home, school and the broader community
  • Celebration of learning activities
  • Learning conversations

CECV Child Safe Schools Commitment Statement 2022