Yr 5 & 6 STEM Education

01 May, 2019

Today a group of 8 year 5/6 students went to a STEM workshop in the city facilitated by an education company named AKORN. Stem stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM Education is an inquiry approach to learning, something we are already doing at our school. The only difference is that it focuses on integrating the 4 above learning areas.

During this workshop, students were asked to complete 2 challenges. The first was to work collaboratively to use design and mathematics skills to create a shelter that took into consideration people with disabilities. The next task was to use materials to create an assistive device/product for a persons with disabilities.

Students were critical and creative thinkers, collaborators and problem solvers.

On the 23rd of May, AKORN will come to the school and run a whole day STEM workshop with all the students in year 5/6, with the students who attended todays’s workshop, helping to lead the learning.  There will be another workshop later in the year.

These workshops will have a focus around developing design solutions to meet community needs.

At the end of the year, a team of 6 students will have the opportunity to showcase their designs and projects at a STEM Mad showcase to other students from different  schools at the Catholic Leadership Centre.

At home: have a chat about a problem or need at home that you can’t resign and create a solution for. What are some of your ideas for this? Can you work collaboratively as a family to design and create a protocol for a solution tour your problem?

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