English Remote Learning Online Information – 15th April 2020

14 April, 2020

14th April, 2020

Dear Families,

Tomorrow we begin Remote Learning Online. The staff of St Bernadette’s diligently constructed Learning at Home Packs at the end of term 1, which you all now have, to enable this.

In the pack were a variety of resources including:

  • iPad Prep- 6 (Exception of Prep children who have an older sibling.)
  • Stationery to write or draw with
  • Exercise books or scrap books to write in
  • Prep students: (a paper copy of learning tasks)

Communication Platforms

The communication platforms to used are:

Years Prep -2 Students and Teachers to use See Saw to communicate learning and teaching programs
Years 3-6 Students and Teachers to use See Saw, Google Classroom or emails to communicate learning and teaching programs
Families Connect to See Saw, Flexibuzz and emails for notes and all other school-based information

For the first week, teachers will communicate with all students through See Saw or Google classrooms.  In the coming weeks, we are looking at using Google Meet, to check in with students virtually. Further information will follow once this is available. If you have not registered for Flexibuzz yet, it is imperative that you do so to keep up to date with daily happenings. Please call the office on 93118872 if you required assistance to log in. If we do not have your current email, please call the office to add or update.

Communication with Teachers

  • Class teachers will be available from 9:00- 3:30pm from Monday through to Friday, during this adjusted learning environment.
  • Teachers will endeavour to respond in a timely manner to provide clarity on any queries or concerns regarding daily tasks.
  • Teachers will be providing feedback using the communication platforms outlined above.
  • Teachers will provide the students with a schedule for the week which outlines learning areas to be focussed on each day.
  • Teachers will also provide details of the tasks children would be expected to complete with the learning intention stated. The challenge for everyone is that the circumstances for each family are different. We ask students to complete what they can in the time expected

 Morning Check ins:

Each morning the teachers will communicate the learning tasks for the day. We would suggest to support you; a routine be set whereby students are logged in at 9:00am to begin the day. We understand that this may be challenging as many of you are working from home at the same time. Together we will work through this, and if you find this challenging, please contact the class teacher.

Learning Spaces

When using technology children, should be in an appropriate space that is free from distraction (if possible), comfortable and which does not include bedrooms.

You may like to get your children used to dressing for the day, i.e. out of their pyjamas to begin the learning day. This will be necessary once we move to Google meet.

Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing is very important at all times especially if children are involved in remote learning from home. Teachers will provide mindful meditation, brain breaks and physical activities for each day. We encourage the students to participate in these.

Guidelines for Remote Learning for Learning Programs

Prep to Year 2

Literacy Learning Tasks between 45min-1hour

Mathematics Learning Tasks 30-45 minutes

Additional Learning Areas 30-45minutes (this may include Religious Education, Inquiry, Art, Italian, Music, Robotics or Physical Education)

Years 3 & 4

Literacy Learning Tasks between 45min-1hour

Mathematics Learning Tasks 45 – 1hour

Additional Learning Areas 60 minutes (this may include Religious Education, Inquiry, Art, Italian, Music, Robotics or Physical Education)

Years 5 & 6

Reading 45minutes

Writing 45 minutes

Mathematics 45 minutes

Additional Learning Areas 45 minutes (this may include Religious Education, Inquiry, Art, Italian, Music, Robotics or Physical Education)

As a part of the school routine teachers will follow the 11-12 lunch break and 2:00-2:30pm recess break from Monday through to Friday.

Expectations and Procedures for Online Learning

Students will be expected to:

·         Access the online learning platform or packs

·         Complete as much of the work set by their teachers in                    the time available

·         Ask your teachers for help if needed

·         Ensure electronic devices are charged and follow the                      school’s policy in relation to the safe use of ICT.

Parents will be expected to:

·         Support your child(ren) with regards to their learning

·         Seek help from the class teacher if needed

·         Check See Saw/ Flexibuzz/Emails regularly to ensure                    you are aware of the learning set and any notes issued                  to you

·         Let the teacher know If your child is unwell and will                      not engage with online learning through See Saw or email.

Teachers will be expected to:

·         Respond in a timely manner to all queries or concerns

·         Set tasks and provide support to students remotely

Learning Assistants will be expected to: ·         Be available via See Saw to communicate directly with                  students during their normal working hours to ensure                  students are being supported

 School Office Hours

 During this period of time the School Office will be open between 9:00 and 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

Concerns or Questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the learning please email your class teacher. These emails have been attached.

If you have a concern outside of the learning please call (93118872) or email me principal@stbsunshinenth.catholic.edu.au

I thank you in advance for your continued partnership with the school. Together we will work through this and as time goes by, we will and may refine some of the above procedures to ensure they are both effective and efficient.  Again, I urge you to connect with See Saw, Flexibuzz and ensure we have a current email address, as these will be the main forms of communication in these ever-evolving times and days that lay ahead.

God bless, stay safe, stay healthy

Mrs Joanne Webster

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