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Preps Celebrate 100 Days of School 30th July
Grandparents Mass & Morning Tea 26th July
Bishop Mark Edwards visit to Yr 6’s
Prep Fire Education 23rd July
Yr 6 Secondary School Transition Meeting 11th June Last night the staff, families and students joined together to discuss the transition of our Year 6 students into Secondary school. We shared how we were feeling, what we were excited about, nervous about and suggestions to support the students. The student leaders and teachers also shared some information about how our school supports the students including 2 Transition Day in partnership with St Paul’s and St Peter’s Primary’s. We thank everyone for sharing openly and hope these conversations can continue at home as they do at school.
Yr 1 – I Time Learning On Friday the year 1s had their first session of I Time.  I Time is when the children can researched a topic that they are interested in. Here are some of their inquiries. What are bones made of? How can I be a scientist? How do volcanoes explode? What is the strongest materials to build with? The year 5 and 6 students helped us with our inquiries.
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