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Prep & Yr 5 Buddies Today the year 5 students were very excited to meet their Prep buddies! We had lots of fun reading stories and getting to know each other.
Yr 5 & 6 Braybrook College Visit Today year 5/6 were fortune enough to be visited by Toula and Mirsadet from Braybrook College. Their presentation addressed some of the students’ concerns around transitioning to high school and some key information about what it is like when they begin year 7 At Braybrook College. Our students were not only respectful but also asked interesting and thoughtful questions.
Yr 4 – Reading In Year 4, we have been exploring the idea of stamina. We have been specifically trying to build our reading stamina so that we can stay engaged in what we are reading for longer. We have been discussing Just Right Books and how we can choose these. You might like to: Ask your child which Just Right book they are currently reading Ask them to explain how they know it is a Just Right Book Ask about the Five Finger Rule  
Guess Who’s Coming to St B’s in December? The Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, JoJo the Who and so many more! Your children are practicing and rehearsing their performances for our upcoming Seussical the Musical Jnr. Many classes are also learning about the story behind the Musical and what it can communicate to us. Some students are also helping the Production Team prepare! Some classes are performing their dance at Assembly, so come along and see a preview of what is to come. Can't wait to share this with you and see you there. Ask your child about their song and help them practice singing and dancing!
STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math Last Thursday students from Year 6 were invited to participate in the STEM Showcase. Here's more from Ngun Hlei Par Cha Chai. Eden, Zak and myself were invited to showcase our learning and the opportunity to win prizes at the STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) Showcase at the Catholic Education Centre. Ngun and I created QR codes for the visually impaired. The QR codes are placed on food products and then scanned by phones where they will be taken to a recorded message with information about the product, such as the ingredients and expiry date. Zak chose to make a prototype using the 3D printer to create a hearing aid for the hearing impaired but instead of a hearing aid that is big and bulky sitting behind the ear, he created an earring that works like a hearing aid!  Inside the earring would be a microchip that does the same job as a hearing aid. He called it, the "HEARRING". Whilst at the STEM Showcase we were able to see many projects created by other students from other primary and secondary schools. When learning about their projects, we learnt that STEM is a very diverse subject with many choices to explore. We were very thankful to be given the opportunity to experience this kind of excursion and it was an honour to be able to share our project with the judges, teachers and other students.    Ngun Hlei Par Cha Chai
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