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Yr 5 Water filter Fundraiser Grade 5 have their water fundraiser tomorrow at lunch. Come on down to participate in some exciting and challenging games. 1 turn for 50c or 3 turns for $1.... Each person who wins the game will go into the raffle to win an amazing prize box! Looking forward to seeing you there.
CCCC “The Addams Family” Production Visit 9th August
Yr 6 Confirmation Celebration 8th August
Preps Lego Excursion 8th August
Yr 3 – What materials make good conductors? In Year 3 we are experimenting with different materials like, copper, apples, wood and other things to find out what makes a good conductor.  To test these materials we used Makey-Makey linked to a computer program.  Ask your child about Makey-Makey and what they found out about conductors?
iTime Cooking @ St Bernadette’s Community Kitchen Another busy morning with the Yr 5/6 iTime students cooking in the St Bernadette’s Community Kitchen today. Students cooked a variety of pizzas, salmon and rice parcels, blueberries pancakes with bacon, and macaroons.... delicious!
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